Agency Partnership Program

We Partner With Marketing Agencies Like Yours

Are you an agency owner who wants to add video to your services? Look no further! We offer white-label video production services for marketing agencies that want to to provide their clients with monthly high-quality video content.

How It Works

You can be as involved as you want, or we can work completely autonomously. We’ll have a minimum of one monthly strategy session so we can come up with content that fits into your existing marketing plan. Once we have a roadmap, we’ll hit the ground running and come back to you with top-notch video content for you to provide to your clients.

No more running around talking to different agencies to get quotes, overpaying for one-off projects, or scouring fivver to find affordable editors (with questionable quality and communication skills). We’ll work with you month after month to create content that your clients love, while you focus on getting it in front of the right eyes.

Partners get a 20% discount on our rates. Commit to at least $10,000/year and we'll bump it up to 30%!

What’s in it for you?

  • You can add video to your services, which you already know, is an extremely valuable tool for your marketing efforts.

  • We’ll give you a discounted rate, and you can feel free to tack on your own percentage so you can make money on the deals you close for us.

  • You can use our videos in your portfolios, case studies, or advertising to sell our video services.

  • You’ll have a one-stop-shop for videos! Save time by skipping out on per-project contracts, negotiations, and the uncertainty that comes with dealing with multiple vendors.

  • The relationship will go both ways. When are clients are looking for in-depth marketing services beyond our own abilities, we'll refer them to you. A win-win however you look at it.

What’s in it for us?

  • A steady stream of work! We can focus on doing what we love (creating video) while you can focus on what you love (growing your clients’ businesses).

  • We’ll refer our clients to you, which allows us to expand our offerings and give our clients a more holistic experience. A win win.

  • We obtain the rights to use our work in demo-reels and our portfolio. We’ll always give you the proper credit, and let people know we were partnered with you on the project.

Ready to boost your business?

Tools We Work With

  • Google Meet and Zoom for video conferencing
  • Slack for daily messaging
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and WeTransfer for
    file storage and transfer
  • Vimeo and for video review
  • Airtable and Trello for project management