How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel


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Let me paint a picture for you. You just finished a new video and it came out amazing! You’ve invested a lot of time and money into it, and you’re really happy with it. Everyone you’ve been showing it to has been telling you it’s great. With childlike excitement, you upload the video and prepare for the work to pour in. You share it on social media and send out an email blast…just a matter of time now.

Fast forward to a week later…and you barely have any views, let alone new leads. You’re scratching your head asking yourself why it’s not working. After all, YouTube is huge and you’re hearing all this fuss about how great video is. Why isn’t it working for you? Maybe you should focus your efforts somewhere else. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Unfortunately, it’s all too common. Most people don’t see the results they’re looking for and they give up too quickly. YouTube, like any other marketing channel, is a long term strategy. You can’t rely on a viral video, the chances of that are slim and the results are fleeting. You have to stay consistent if you want to see growth.

Consistency is key, but perhaps equally important is how you optimize your videos. With so many videos being uploaded daily, you have to make sure to optimize your videos with proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or you’ll never be seen. This does take work and a bit of planning, but failing to do so will mean you’re wasting all of that time and effort on creating your video in the first place.

Fortunately, there are no secrets to getting good SEO, you just have to know all of the steps to take to set your videos up properly.

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